March 31 is Cesar Chavez’s birthday, and three states, including California, officially recognize Cesar Chavez Day as a holiday. Here’s a photographic look at the life and work of the late activist, whose campaign to organize farm workers still inspires.

Top photo: Chavez speaks to members of the United Farm Workers during a rally in the Imperial Valley on Feb. 2, 1979. Credit: Steve Fontanini / Los Angeles Times. Bottom photo: Chavez speaks at the United Farm Workers political endorsement conference in Los Angeles on Sept. 7, 1980. The conference endorsed Jimmy Carter. Credit: Los Angeles Times.
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    Still Blows my mind that my mom met him and attended his funeral. I still have family working the fields so this man is...
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    My father and his parents were migrant farmworkers and when he was a young man, my father marched with César Chávez for...
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    I really want to go see the Cesar Chavez movie. The trailers look amazing and I love America Ferrera as an actress.