Can you get a good cup of joe in L.A.? Oh, yes. Yes, you can.
Where’s your favorite coffee joint?

Can you get a good cup of joe in L.A.? Oh, yes. Yes, you can.

Where’s your favorite coffee joint?

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  2. escapearkham answered: Coffee or Tea?
  3. eatelectricsugar answered: cacao! in santa monica :) or the venice grind in venice :))
  4. arysa93 answered: yrm…well,actually,i don`t know what i like…
  5. mattburns73 answered: Starbucks.
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  7. frecs answered: i dont like coffee
  8. tekawinchester answered: I do not understand what you meant!
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  10. mazais2003 answered: jo
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  13. gabriela-furtado answered: I love coffe :D
  14. luckaveli answered: i don’t drink coffee ; a cold mountain dew blue is my choice
  15. sharingthing answered: Sou brasileiro !!!!
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  17. pawnee--goddess answered: KINGS ROAD CAFE. Best coffee in LA, hands down.
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    That little place in the Farmer’s Market.
  19. nhatrang answered: I can’t tell the difference between good & bad coffee for the most part,but I do hit up Intelligentsia to check out the boys. Holla!
  20. onionjam answered: Intelligentsia (Pasadena) or Klatch Coffee (San Dimas)
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  22. know12 answered: sorry, I dont drink coffee
  23. addisongardner answered: Coffee Bean
  24. we-are-who-we-are-a answered: Starbucks
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    Finally some more choices for coffee are coming to the area. Hope some branch out to OC soon!
  26. tecolotes answered: tierra mia in south gate. their latino inspired drinks are to die for.
  27. asiahoney answered: abbot’s habit in venice!
  28. aartedevencer answered: Em algum lugar por aí
  29. cinedit answered: I actually really like most of these listed here, but I’ve been trying stay local… so far, Coffee Conservatory in Culver City does it well.
  30. unclerhea answered: Lamill
  31. criistina114 answered: eu não tomo café :/
  32. sps0540034481 answered: aflam sks
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  34. katesd answered: Abbot’s Habit, Venice!