Nino Frediani: The world’s fastest, and most secretive, juggler

Frediani has performed for decades, entertaining crowds across the world with his skill and dexterity. But across those decades, he was hiding something from his audiences.While he hurled knives and torches with expert aim, no one watching knew one simple fact.

Frediani is legally blind.

Born with chronic dystrophy of the optic nerve, he cannot drive and follows a mnemonic system to recall the location of objects at home — a razor in the bathroom or the wine-opener in the kitchen — because things even a few feet from his face fade into a blur.

And so no one knew his secret, not his audience, not many partners or friends, until just a few years ago when he revealed it to the world:

"I never wanted to be treated as a handicapped person," he says. "I don’t act blind. It comes from my circus roots — we’re all pretty tough people. I wanted to be known as a fast juggler, not a blind one."

Read more of John M. Glionna’s story, and find out how Frediani became such a master of his craft, here.

Photos: Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times

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