The ‘Crossing of Death’ in Syria

The Karaj al Hajez crossing that spans Aleppo’s Queiq River is a no man’s land where Syrian residents are picked off daily by a government sniper.

With that to set the scene, our own Raja Abdulrahim documents a bridge in the embattled city of Aleppo, Syria, where the sniper usually strikes at least a few citizens going about their daily lives from a perch in City Hall.

It used to be a main road connecting two neighborhoods. Now it’s a dangerous walkway, with the bridge in the middle.

Despite the risk of being shot on the bridge or detained at the checkpoint on the government side, thousands cross each day, attempting to navigate what remains of their old lives in the shadow of war: making their way to jobs, college, hospitals or just to buy groceries.

Read more in our latest Column One feature.

Photos: Los Angeles Times, Andoni Lubacki, Aleppo Media Center / Associated Press

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