The saga of a lost iPhone

For many people, losing their phone is an inconvenience, but for Times reporter Nita Lelyveld, losing her iPhone prompted the realization of just how indispensable the device is as the hours and days ticked by.

While she had the ability to spot the location of her phone, and she was badgering it with text messages in hope of reaching a good mobile Samaritan, the iPhone remained lost, and her calls for help went unanswered.

By now I’d realized that everything on my phone was backed up. This wasn’t about lost photos — or even, really, the phone.

I felt toyed with. I was angry. I was ready to get mean.

I decided I would make my phone play its “find me” ping each time it was turned on.

I had also discovered that if I put it in something called Lost Mode, I could have it display a big message — filling the screen.

To Anaheim, I sent stern words: “I’m watching you! Return my phone.”

Find out how phone and owner were finally reunited over at our latest Column One feature, or follow Nita on Twitter over at @LATimescitybeat.

Photos: Nita Lelyveld / Los Angeles Times

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