An invasion of privacy for the sake of art?

L.A. native Arne Svenson’s art instillation “The Neighbors,”opened at New York’s Julie Saul Gallery Saturday, and has quickly been met by an uproar from his own neighbors. As the title of the work suggests, Svenson’s subjects were his own neighbors, whose pictures he took from across the street with a Telephoto lens.

Though the photos depict the mundane acts of daily life, with naps, chores and the like, and the faces are all obscured, some of the individuals caught candidly are considering taking legal action against Svenson.

As one nearby resident told the New York Post:

“This is about kids. If he’s waiting there for hours with his camera, who knows what kind of footage he has. I can recognize items from my daughter’s bedroom.”

Check out the full story via Culture Monster, or head over to Svenson’s site for a better look at “The Neighbors.”

Photos: Bebeto Matthews / Associated Press

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    love photos like this. but honestly, yes he’s using a telephoto which is invasion of privacy if he’s shooting through...
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    Private versus public photography can be a source of controversy, and, apparently, art.
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    if his neighbors are so concerned with their privacy they should attack the government and not an artist. the government...
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