"Pinky," "Horse Face" and "Old Chubby Cheeks"

All of the above were former Los Angeles mayors, a group that ranges from the innocuous to the flagrantly corrupt - and the next of which will soon be decided as the city braces for election day.

Pictured on the left is Frank Shaw, who became the first high-profile mayor to be recalled in the U.S. in 1938, after using his power to protect bootleggers and bordellos. On the right is James Toberman, who in 1872 beat incumbent mayor Jose Cristobal Aguilar after running a campaign deriding Aguilar’s ability to speak English.

Read more on the often bizarre history of L.A. mayors, including a dry KKK member and another who stared down neo-Nazis during his inauguration.

Photos: Los Angeles Times, Municipal Art Department

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